I'm a multi-disciplinary designer and full-stack developer currently serving as a partner and UI / UX Director at Keen.

I've designed and built this site entirely by hand - without a single framework - to communicate my skillset with the world.




Having produced, supervised, and excuted work in most all aspects of design work, I've honed skills as a designer, a team member, a critical thinker, and a natural leader. I never stop learning and refining.

Outside work, I'm constantly reading design blogs and appreciating the beauty of the internet. I've also become quite passionate about cars and racing - namely Formula 1.


I begin any project with a conversation meant to expose both the goals of the project and the problems getting in the way. Relationships built through conversation provide invaluable insight into the project at hand.

After identifying the goal, a healthy combination of logic and creativity fleshes out the building blocks of the project. Every minute spent working is a minute closer to the goal - your time may be even more valuable than my own. Every action is deliberate.

I ensure that constant communication and deep collaboration remain integral up until the project's finished. No successful endeavor is developed inside a box. Depending on requirements, traffic monitoring and testing will help confirm success of the project.